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10 Tips On How to Choose the Right Roofing Contractor

Roofing is like marriage—choose the wrong partner and you’re schwacked. On the contrary, having the right roofing contractor might just spell happily ever after—for you, your family and your home. Here, we will share with you 10 tips on how to choose the right roofing contractor. Read on and be in the know!

So you’ve designed the house of your dreams—you got the best architect to design it, the best builders to bring it together, and to cap it, you just need the best roofing contractor in the industry. Here at LMRP, our decade-long experience in the roofing business has given us the experience and expertise to tell you what to look for in a roofing contractor.

But it’s not as clear cut as you need to do your due diligence. As mentioned above, choosing the right roofing contractor is as risk-filled as marriage. After all, the roof of your home should serve you in good stead, rain or shine (pun intended). Whether you’re building, doing roof repairs, gutter repairs or full-blown roof restorations, you need the right roofing company like Local Melbourne Roof Plumbers to help you sort out your roofing concerns.


Why hire a roofing contractor?

Over the years, your roof will suffer wear and tear from the elements. As a roofing company, we have seen what the harsh Australian climes can do to roofs, and water and wind damage are the primary culprits, with strong winds and debris are not far behind. If not addressed promptly, a problem with your roof can have catastrophic consequences to your property and ultimately, your bank account.

You need a roofing contractor for two reasons: First, if you’re building a new home. You want to make sure that the roofing contractor you will hire can and will do an efficient and effective job installing your roof. Second, after severe weather events, you want to make sure your roof has not sustained any type of damage and can withstand more inclement weather in the future.


Here’s our 10 tips on how to choose the right roofing contractor!

  1. Ask around so you don’t bounce around. You discover a roof leak after a particularly bad storm. It’s best to ask family and friends before you ask Google. While Google will have loads of options for you, you’re better off asking family and friends first who may have had similar concerns in the past. If they’ve used a roofing contractor before, ask how their experience was like and if the roofing contractor did a great job and has all the requisite paperwork in order. This way, you save time and effort.

    Most roofing contractors rely on word-of-mouth advertising so they ensure that each and every roofing job is done according to industry standards and has met client expectations. While repeat customers may be a few years down the road (especially if the roofer did a fantastic job), telling family and friends of how great a job they’ve done is a good way to generate more business.

  2. Duly licensed and registered. As with most professional work, a roofing contractor must be licensed and registered to take on and complete roofing jobs. You don’t want the guy at the pub who calls himself a roofer after working on a couple of roofing jobs or some self-taught flannel-wearing dude working on your roof. Ask them for licenses and registrations, as it is your right as a client. It is also for your own protection.
  3. Experience matters. Again, not that dude who’s done ‘a few roofing projects here and there’. While training counts for a lot, nothing can compare to working on a number of roofing projects over the years. Real roofs have real problems that require real-world solutions, and these solutions can only be provided by those who’ve been there and actually done that. How to tell if he’s an expert?

    Ask him a roof-related concern and if his answer’s, ‘Don’t worry about it!’, drop him right there. At Local Melbourne Roof Plumbers, clients ask us a bunch of questions, and we make sure to answer them in detail. Then we write all of the options down for them in a proper quote.

  4. Insurances. This aspect of a roofing contractor’s viability cannot be stated enough: you want a roofing contractor with roofing insurance. No, not just any insurance coverage—you want adequate insurance for the job they’re undertaking. Ask to be provided a copy of their public liability insurance. You’re within your right to ask if the roofing project they’re doing for you will be covered by insurance if things turn awry somewhere down the road.
  5. Communication is key. In any business undertaking, communication is key. For two parties to come to an agreement and actually see it to its full fruition, everything must be laid out on the table from the very beginning. There must not be any doubt from either party. You as a client must make it clear what you expect from a roofing contractor.

    Your roofing contractor, for his part, must give you several options and set the proper expectations. Your warranty must be clear from the start and must be in black-and-white. With a major undertaking such as roofing installation, roof leak repairs, gutter repairs and roof restorations, nothing can be left to chance.

  6. The price must be right. In terms of pricing, remember the warning: caveat emptor or buyer beware. A low quote may not always be the best deal for you, as the axiom ‘you get what you pay for’ holds ever so true here. Roofing contractors run a business, and they always have their bottom line to consider. The best roofing contractor will always give you several detailed options in their quotes, and you pick the one that suits your budget.

    At LMRP, there are no hidden costs in our quotes; everything is explained to our clients so that they have a clear understanding of what they’re getting in terms of material. Just because a client opts for a lower-priced quote does not mean they’re getting low-quality workmanship—we always strive for excellence in service. Again, the right contractor will put everything in their quote so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.

  7. It’s a matter of material. A surefire way to gauge a roofing contractor’s abilities is to ask him about different roofing material. A local roofing business would be able to tell you the best material that is suitable to the local climate. Most roofing contractors have partnerships with roofing material suppliers and can get the best deals for you.
  8. Excellent onsite management and superb customer service. These days, most roofing contractors employ salespersons to sell their services. However, it’s important to note if said roofing company has onsite managers to oversee the work being done. At LMRP, our sales team are roofing professionals themselves with decades’ worth of experience under their belts. Their jobs don’t end when they’ve sold a job; they themselves visit project sites to ensure that what has been agreed upon is what the client is getting.

    More than that, LMRP has an office-based operations team that manage the project and coordinates closely with all persons involved in providing support to the team on the ground. This is to ensure that the work is completed at the appropriate time and within budget. These are the type of support you should look for in your roofing contractor.

  9. High standards. Most people go to roofing contractors with a set standard in mind, mostly dictated by their budget. And a lot of roofing contractors are just too willing to meet those standards. A reliable roofing contractor has standards of his own and will not lower them based on budget.

    His role is to provide a service that is long-lasting, reliable and professional. His goal is to educate the clients on best possible material that would meet the needs of the client in terms of longevity without sacrificing curb appeal and aesthetics. In other words, he will bring a client’s standards up to where it should be in order to exceed client’s expectations.

  10. It’s all about company culture. At the end of the proverbial day, your roofing contractor must reflect professionalism in all aspects of operations. A roofing company is not just the owner of the company—it is the sum of all its parts. Read about the company from the websites—check the reviews. Ring them and see how they respond to inquiries; did they answer all your questions to your satisfaction? Are they courteous? Do they feel and sound professional to you.

    At Local Melbourne Roof Plumbers, we strive for excellence in all aspects of operations. Our team on the ground and our office support staff work hand-in-hand on all projects, 24/7. Clients and roofers alike are brought seamlessly together by leveraging technology and good ol’ hard work.

The value of any roofing project cannot be understated, what with the costs involved. With costs running to a few thousands, it is only but wise that you choose the right roofing contractor to help you with your project, be it a new roof build, repair or restoration.

At Local Melbourne Roof Plumbers, we are available to answer your questions 24/7 and will give you no-nonsense answers pertaining to your roofing concerns! Give us a call today at 0429 999 690!

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