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Common Roof Problems During The Warmer Season

Prevalent Roof Problems during the Summer Season

With summer around the corner, the majority of people are getting ready to exchange their heavy jackets for a light shirt, and nobody can blame them for it. The summertime is the most awaited season as it ushers in warm temperatures and beautiful sunny skies, thus bringing an end to the agony that comes with the winter season. However, although there are numerous benefits that come with the summertime, it also comes with several challenges. As the weather warms up, it is recommended to start thinking about preventative measures you can take to ensure your home withstands the summer heat without damage. An abrupt change in elements such as humidity and temperatures can negatively impact your roofing material, which may lead to leaks if left unattended to. Below are some issues that your roof is likely to suffer during the summertime. 


Moss Growth

During the summer, plants like moss and algae may rapidly colonize and cover a large portion of your roof. When moss and/or algae begin to grow on your roof, moisture becomes trapped underneath it. The moisture is then pushed beneath the roof shingles, resulting in further moisture damage to your home. If this is not attended to, it may become firmly attached to the roof and require assistance from a professional for removal, so it is recommended to attend to your roof at the first sign of any moss/algae growth. 


The Scorching Effect of the Sun’s Ultraviolet Rays

The summer heat that many of us enjoy, is actually more damaging to your home than you may initially think. When in excess, it leads to drying out and cracking of roof shingles. If this is left unattended to, the shingles become fragile, eventually falling off, leaving some parts of the house exposed. Conducting regular roof inspections can help you identify damages and have the necessary repairs completed before re-roofing becomes your only option.


Stormy Weather

Melbourne’s summer is likely to bring about sudden stormy conditions involving strong winds and rain. Houses that have older roofing are prone to roof damages as the wind can easily lift the roof shingles, leaving your home vulnerable to further damage. Routine roofing inspections are recommended in the days following a major storm.


Excess Humidity

Excess moisture can cause humidity and, at times, be very dangerous to your roof. If the temperature of your roofing material is lower than the surrounding environment, condensation occurs. Moisture from the condensation weakens the roof, thus bringing about leaks over time. Experienced roof plumbers in Melbourne will generally use watertight materials when re-roofing or repairing your roof so that it can endure the humid weather. 



Ventilation plays a significant role year-round as it helps regulate the indoor climate of your house. This becomes even more important during the summertime. Poor ventilation leads to a build-up of both moisture and humidity in your roof. Over time, this will weaken and damage your roof’s structural integrity and the insulating material that was used. The warmth and excess moisture in your home also create a perfect environment for the establishment of dry rot and mould. This poses a severe health threat to you and your family so it is beneficial to ensure that your ventilation system is fully functional, especially during the summer. 

Regular roof inspections are crucial. Any damage to your roof, even minor damage, should never be ignored. What can start out as a small roofing issue can worsen over time and leave you with irreparable roofing damage, if not attended to. Roofing works can be extremely dangerous. It is important not to attempt to complete any roofing works on your own. Experienced roofing plumbers will have the appropriate training and safety equipment required to complete the maintenance and repairs safely, in preparation for the upcoming summer weather.

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