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La Nina Declared by BOM: How To Prepare Your Roof For A Very Wet Summer

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has in recent days declared that the Pacific Ocean is experiencing La Nina, something that is leading to wetter than regular periods for the eastern Australia. It is worth noting that La Nina presents with cloud cover, cooler temperatures, and above-average rainfall.

With a La Nina that is likely to happen any time from now, it is paramount that everyone prepares for rainfall that is likely more than usual. There are numerous steps that people can take to reduce the chances of the rain causing damages to premises which include gutter and down pipe cleaning, leak repairs, roof and gutter repairs. La Nina is an EL Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) cycle component. It is, therefore, characterised by rainfall, daytime that has cooler temperatures while the night times are usually warm.

Why You Should be Prepared

Random surveys have suggested that most people are poorly underprepared. Most people will be left in huge losses upon the event’s occurrence. It is noteworthy that more than half of the population does not secure doors, windows, and roof coverings when a storm is on the way. At the same time, most roofs are in a state that needs roof restorations, roof repairs, or leak repairs. The study also indicated that only about a third of the population understands the need to prepare for the incoming event.

With the certainty of a La Nina event, restoring roofs to their best state is paramount. This should include leak repairs and gutter repairs to ensure a seamless water flow from heavy rainfall. This is because heavy downpour destroys the roof, leading to further damage, especially if the roof is leaking. The biggest menace in the face of heavy rainfall is water flooding the commercial properties, resulting from blockages.

It is recommendable to protect this by ensuring thorough gutter and down pipe cleaning. Gutter and down pipe cleaning is a crucial step in helping avoid blockages that may hinder the proper flow of water, thereby leading to roof damages.

Therefore, it is crucial to take all the necessary measures to reduce the risks associated with La Nina. It is essential to check the roof for any holes that the water can leak through and perform the necessary leak repairs. A roof specialist will help inspect any necessary holes on the roof and recommend the necessary leak repairs and roof repairs that may be essential. The specialist should ensure the roof is as watertight it can possibly be.

Roofs are often overlooked; they get past their used date and acquire gradual damages without easily getting noticed. This results in massive damages when a catastrophic event happens. The specialist should inform the roof condition while outlining the necessary roof repairs to get the roof in its best state. In some instances, some roofs will require an overhaul.

Roof repairs and restoration: In the inspection process, the roof specialist will indicate the roofs with minor defects and those whose condition requires entire roof restoration. For defects, get them repaired immediately. Very old roofs are not the best because they are prone to damage, mainly made from asbestos. Roof specialists should also restore or replace such roofs since they are a significant threat to the safety of the building when the La Nina event happens.

Check the Property Insurance Policy Details

It is recommendable that everyone checks and ensures the policy they are holding is adequate to cover the building, including roof restoration, repairs, and gutter repairs in the event of a storm. Some insurers usually fail to compensate the insured on the grounds that the policies are limited to certain cases only. It is, therefore, imperative that everyone checks to familiarise themselves with every detail of the policy.

Understanding whether the policy covers floods is another significant aspect; this is especially if the premises are in an area prone to flooding. In some instances, the insurer may advise on getting a premium covering floods and certain roof restorations while there may not be any available insurance in other cases.

Consult a Roof Specialist

It is a fact that no one can sufficiently prepare for events such as La Nina and the related impacts. However, someone can prepare to ensure their roof is in the best condition to stand the related force; this includes ensuring appropriate gutter and down pipe cleaning, leak repairs, roof repairs, and roof restoration. The steps are sufficient to reduce damages to businesses, homes, and business premises in the case of a storm or heavy rains.


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