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Roof Skylight Usage in Melbourne Summer

Reasons for Roof skylight usage in the summer in Melbourne

There are so many options available when it comes to skylights and they have all been created with one primary purpose; To illuminate your home or office with natural light. Not only does natural sunlight cause your body to release endorphins which in turn makes you feel happier, but it also enhances the look of your home/office. Heat loss and gain are correspondingly vital as the energy needed to warm or cool is higher than the energy required for lighting. Solatube, a skylight manufacturing company, is considered the global leader when it comes to the production of skylights, receiving a design award in 1994 for creating the first tubular skylight worldwide. Since then, the design has been well received by designers in the building and construction industry.

This has put a huge emphasis on the usage of skylights in promoting healthy and energy-efficient lighting. Skylights also provide the option of allowing natural light to enter your home, without compromising your privacy. 

While a skylight would be a great asset to any home or office, it is important to keep in mind that if skylights are not installed by professionals, you may be left with ongoing roof leaks. If you do notice that your roof is leaking, we recommend contacting a trusted roof plumbing specialist who can conduct an assessment of your roof. Roof flashing is installed to ensure a watertight seal around your skylight preventing any water from entering. There are several precautionary measures that our highly skilled roof specialists take, so you can rest assured that your goal of enjoying natural light inside your home/office is achieved. 


Listed below are some of the benefits of installing a skylight at your home or office. 

A skylight will ventilate your roof space!

The roof space absorbs and holds heat which raises the room temperature in your home. This can result in pressure mounting on your air conditioners and can lead to damage requiring costly roof repairs or air conditioner replacement. During the summer, the high temperatures in the roof space can distort anything from roof sheathings to floorboards, compromising the integrity of your roof structure. 

Installing a skylight correctly with a good ventilation mechanism will help to prevent heat-related damage and decrease your energy consumption. When installed to the required compliance guidelines, a skylight can keep your house cool during summer and warm during winter and can save you from investing in alternative roof insulation mechanisms, which may be costly.

Skylights can lower your energy bills!

Solar energy is a free and renewable resource that does not deplete. Investing in skylights for your home or office will help you to harness this. One of the largest benefits to using a skylight during the summer is that it illuminates your house by allowing additional light in, saving you on electricity costs. While some may feel that too much light in a house can be nagging, there are alternative options such as installing blinds, that will help to combat the light at times if required.

Skylights help to create a sustainable home!

Investing in a suitable skylight has great potential to increase the energy efficiency of your home or office, especially when it comes to reducing heat transfer and taking advantage of passive solar heating. For example, Solatube skylights are designed with technological features that allow temperature exchanges between the exterior and interior of the home.

Skylights help to banish bathroom mould!

Mould grows well in humid and poorly ventilated spaces. If left unattended to, mould may colonize and take over your bathroom or other damp areas, exposing you and your family to potential health hazards. Mould can be extremely dangerous and is known to bring about allergic reactions and other serious health issues. With a sound roof ventilation system, mould growth in your home will be a thing of the past. Skylights can help to keep your home drier and healthier throughout the year, preventing mould build-up, and protecting your loved ones from the health risks associated with mould.


Whether you’re seeking to lighten the darkest corner of your home or enjoy the fresh, openness of natural lighting, you can’t go past a skylight!

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