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Storm Season in Melbourne Is coming – Roof leaks prevention and Repair Tips

Storm season is set to arrive this summer and it is expected to bring wild weather to Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. It is very important that you are proactive in noting the warning signs, taking the necessary precautionary steps and ensuring your home is ready to withstand the challenges storm season can bring. Faulty roofs and damaged/blocked stormwater drains are among the largest disturbances caused by storms. These complications can cause both short and long term damage to your property if not attended to by a professional.

Timely repairs completed by professionals can save you thousands of dollars, as well as protect your property from further, unnecessary damage. The following information outlines some of the proactive steps we recommend you take to ensure your roof withstands the unpredictable Melbourne weather this summer.

Repair roof leaks

Before the storm season hits, we recommend you check your roof for any damaged roof tiles, roof leaks, rusted roof sheets, cracked vents and broken skylights. Roof leaks can cause serious damage to the roof itself, as well as the structure of the building, and once water damages the ceiling and roof trusses, you could be left with a range of secondary issues such as mould, mildew and termites. At the first sight of any roof leak symptoms, we recommend that you contact a trusted professional immediately, to minimise the damage and ensure you’re not left with further issues down the track.

A roof is a crucial structural element of your home, that protects you & those you care about from natural hazards and adds physical stability/security to the structure. Regular maintenance of your home and taking immediate action when issues do arise is the key to minimising the chance of unexpected damages, which have the potential to threaten your life and security.

Local Melbourne Roof Plumbers provide a 24/7 emergency service and are ready to inspect and repair any roofing damage immediately before the next downpour occurs. When you call Local Melbourne Roof Plumbers to repair a water leak at your home, they will inspect and evaluate the possible causes of the water leak, provide you with their professional repair recommendations and also carry out the required installations and/or repairs to prevent further roof leaks.

A roof leak can be the result of damaged roof tiles, rusting roof sheets, blocked gutters, poor stormwater drainage, a cracked flashing around vents, damaged skylights, or water penetration from a solar panel or antenna. We recommend you call a qualified roof plumber when it comes to fixing roof leaks, roof repairs, re-roofing, roof ventilation, roof restoration, servicing metal roofs for corrugated iron, and any preventive roof maintenance for all your residential and commercial properties.

It is always a good practice to inspect your roof and ceiling after a heavy downpour to ensure they are undamaged. It is also important to keep an eye out for any signs of water coming from your ceiling in the days following a storm, as in some circumstances, it can take one to two days for the water to seep through your ceiling.

Roof Plumbing Services

A qualified roof plumber can provide various types of installation, maintenance, and repairs. Among the services on offer, you will find installation and repairs for flashing, metallic roof, cladding of roof and wall, gutters and drainage. In order for rainwater to completely drain away from your roof, you need to ensure the gutters and drainage are well maintained. Your gutters may become blocked with leaves, twigs and small rubbish, so it is important to have them checked and cleared at the end of each season. If your gutter and/or drain pipes are old and worn out, we recommend replacing them as a preventative measure.

Qualified plumbers can design and install a new water drainage system, repair existing drainage systems, attend to general plumbing, remove blockages from your drains, detect and fix leaking pipes, inspect hot & cold water services, as well as repair and replace gutters, spouting and downpipes. They can install skylights, flashing, roof gutters and leaf gutters. You can also get re-roofing done to convert your tiles to a metal roof.

You can request general roof inspections and reports of the existing conditions. Local Melbourne Roof Plumbers will always provide expert advice on the best solution possible to get your roof repaired by professionals who are licensed and have vast experience in providing reliable and quality roof plumbing services in Melbourne. When you contact a local, qualified plumber you are guaranteed to receive a high level of customer service and reliable support before, during and after the work at your property is completed.

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