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The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing in Melbourne is steadily rising in popularity among homeowners; more than 30 % of homeowners currently have installed a metal roof.

There are multiple benefits of having a metal roof, and one of them is that they allow homeowners to upgrade their property with long-lasting products. Even though other roofs devalue fast, metal roofs offer the following excellent benefits;


The most significant advantage of installing a metal roof is its extended lifespan. Most people even switch from other roof types to metal roofs for this one benefit. On the other hand, some homeowners are simply impressed by the strength of metal roofs. A suitably installed roof typically lasts almost the same time as your home since it has a lifespan of 4 to 7 decades, and most of the time, it comes with a 3 to 5 decades manufacturer’s warranty.

Depending on the metal’s quality, it can withstand numerous elements such as intense winds of 100 miles per hour, and they never corrode due to the rust-proof coatings.


A metal roof allows you to make changes without having to replace it. Every homeowner loves to switch things up from time to time, though you might not want to change your property’s exterior if you have to exclude the roof. However, with metal roofs, you won’t need to! You can paint them as many times as you like, to match any colour of your choice.

Additionally, it saves you cash because you will not need to switch it if you’re remodelling. Besides, they are available in many colours and designs; there’s something for everyone! From customary to modern, there are plenty of themes available. Typically, the paint on the metal roofs goes for about 25 years. Again steel roofs can simulate other roofing materials when needed. Most roof plumbers can achieve this in Melbourne.


Traditional Asphalt gravels are made of petroleum, and therefore they increase reliance on fossil fuels. According to research, they need to be switched out after every two decades, which translates to almost 20 Billion lbs of Asphalt gravels, which are sent to the U.S landfills annually.

On the other hand, metal roofs are a better alternative for several reasons, the first one being that they are made using recycled material (25 %), and they are entirely recyclable. For instance, you can recycle steel roofing multiple times without diminishing its quality. Moreover, metal roofing also provides a perfect platform for eco-conscious property owners.

Something else to love about metal roofs is they are very light. Compared to traditional Asphalt, metal roofs weigh almost a third of Asphalt ones. For this reason, they can be set up on top of the Asphalt shingles, and they won’t overload the roof’s support. This way, you will save plenty of time and energy since you won’t need to remove the old roofing.


Installing a metal roof will eventually save you a lot of money in different ways, and one of them is that they are handy in reducing energy costs. By reflecting the rays from the sun, they help keep your property cool. This advantage is beneficial in regions where the sun is hot. If you have installed this roof, Summer won’t be an issue if you don’t have a thermostat.

On the other hand, if you have one, you will not need to keep adjusting it as the temperatures increase. For additional savings, you should paint it white. This helps to reflect the heat more effectively, and it will boost the roof’s energy-saving ability.


The modern metal roofs are more beautiful than the traditional roofs, and they are available in various types such as galvanised steel, tin, copper, aluminium, and zinc, and they all come in a wide gamut of colours and themes, and shapes, awesome right?! Their stylish and impressive variety is more conventional compared to the Asphalt shingles.

Even though Asphalt comes with up to 20 colour options, metal roofing is manufactured in over 100 shades, such as custom, standard, and premium choices. The most common metals utilised to make residential roofs are steel and aluminium, and they are perfectly designed to hold the paint they come in, or the one you may add eventually, for a long time.

70 % of homeowners have installed metal roofs using customary vertical corrugated panels, but this does not mean it is the only way to install it. The metals do not have to be conspicuous; they can imitate almost any appearance utilising several layers of finishes that guarantee they look magnificent, robust, and durable.


Since metal roofs are made of non-combustible materials, they usually feature a Class A ranking, which is the best fire-resistant rating. However, you should know that part of a roof’s general categorisation depends mostly on the materials in the interior that could burn under a lot of heat. Most metal roofs are designed using metal on top and highly combustible material like wood, which feature a reduced Class C ranking.


If we have not already convinced you to install a metal roof, remember that this might be the last roof you install. Fortunately, it will not need a lot of maintenance. It will no longer be necessary to break the bank to repair or replace it. However, you should make sure you clean the metal roof regularly to clean out the debris. The metal roof comes with a finish that stops it from rusting. Therefore, they’re designed to persevere any weather condition.


Metal roofs are engineered to tackle strong winds. The intense weather such as storms and heavy rains are no match to metal roofing. Also, they are perfect for the winter, and they can withstand damage even from heavy hail. Choosing this roof guarantees your safety as well as your property’s from damage due to intense weather.


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There are numerous factors to consider when selecting the ideal roof for your property. The main advantage of metal roofing is that it positively affects the property’s performance since it is a robust and long-lasting solution. Most of the metal roofing outdoes the customary shingles by far, as seen in this article. Well, there you have it, the benefits of installing metal roofs!

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