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The Importance Of Roof Maintenance – Repair It Before The Rainy Days

Roof Maintenance & why it’s important

It’s not something that is often thought about, but the roof of your home plays a very significant role in defending you and your loved ones from the harsh weather Melbourne experiences, anywhere from extreme heat and winds, to rain and hail storms.

Each day, your roof withstands extreme weather and potential hazards that significantly contribute to its deterioration over time. However, the deterioration of your roofing structure is preventable. The primary cause of roofing problems is a lack of roof maintenance. Homeowners can extend the life expectancy of their roof by ensuring roof inspections are conducted regularly to ensure any underlying roofing issues are identified in a timely manner. Leaving your roof unattended to for extended periods of time only allows the problem to worsen so it’s important that you enlist a trusted roofing specialist for all your roofing maintenance.

Instead of putting it off, let’s go through some of the benefits of regular roof maintenance.


Increases Your Roofs Lifespan

The roofing structure is the part of your home most susceptible to damage, due to its exposure to all the extremes of weather ranging from heavy downpours, high temperatures, and strong winds. If neglected, its lifespan can be significantly reduced. However, with proper maintenance and roof inspections, the roof can have a lifespan of up to 30 years. 

So, how regularly should you have roof inspections and maintenance completed? Well, this depends on several factors such as the age of your roof, the climatic conditions as well as other problems that were identified during the last roof inspection. Homeowners should make sure that their roofs are checked by an experienced roofer at least twice a year and after any major weather conditions.


Prevents Roof Leaks

One of the most common issues that experienced roofers come across is roof leaks.  Roof leaks generally start out as a small issue, but if left unattended to, can majorly affect the structure of your home. If you notice water stains on the wall or ceiling or can see water dripping when it rains, there is an extremely high chance of a roof leak and you should contact a roofing specialist immediately. There can be multiple causes behind roof leaks, such as faulty roof flashing, blocked gutters or damaged roof tiles. That small leak that many homeowners may overlook can have severe consequences if it’s left unattended. The dribbling water that enters your home creates a favourable environment for mold growth and other pests. Mold is known to cause severe allergic reactions and infections that can be life-threatening, endangering the health and wellbeing of you and your loved ones.

We recommend routine roof inspections and maintenance to get on top of any roofing issues before they become detrimental and advise homeowners to contact an experience roofing specialist at the first sign of any roof leak.


Preserves Your Warranty

Regular roof maintenance may be a condition of your roofing warranty. Each warranty may differ so it’s important to check your warranty conditions, but your roof may not be covered by its warranty if the roof has been maintained or inspected regularly. The majority of roofing material suppliers advise that you seek the services of a professional roof inspector after the first few years or after extreme weather for the warranty to remain valid. Failure to prove that your roof has been inspected and maintained regularly by certified roofers may invalidate your warranty.


Saves you money

You could be wondering how roof maintenance helps in saving money. Roof leaks require immediate attention and can leave you with little options as to which roofing specialist you enlist. You may not have time to start shopping around for different quotes and prices when the leaking roof is wreaking havoc in your home. Ensuring your roof is maintained regularly by an experienced roofer can help to identify roofing issues sooner, allowing you the time to choose a trusted roofing plumber for your home. 

What starts out as a minor roofing issue can quickly turn into your worst nightmare if left unattended. However, proper maintenance of your roof goes a long way in ensuring the durability of your roof, giving you and your family peace of mind.

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