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Things to Consider Before Choosing a New Roof Colour

The right roof colour can help building owners save money and protect the durability of their roofs. This topic aims to help you understand how to choose roof colours that can work well for the style and energy efficiency of your home. If you are laying a new roof or replacing or restoring an existing roof, read to the end or call us for help.

Choose Roof Colour Based On:

The design style of your home

The ideal colour of the roof should match the overall style of your home. Pay special attention to the elements of your building’s exterior design. What is the colour of the sidings, windows, doors, fences?

Go for colours that enable you to create a homogenous and balanced look on the exterior of your home.

Durability and future plans

Let’s say you have metal shingles. These can last for up to 70 years. They retain their original colour over the decades. So, choose a colour that you will love many years down the line.

When choosing roof colours, browse through diverse colour samples, paying attention to how they appear in the morning, afternoon, and evening. That’ll give you a glimpse of what to expect when that colour lives on your roof for days on end.

The effects you want to achieve

There are so many colour choices available today. You have ample room for creatively deciding the effect you want to create with the colour of your shingles.

Suppose you choose a colour that sharply contrasts with your home’s exterior elements such as the walls. This helps your home stand out as modern and stylish.

However, if you want to keep things classic, consider choosing complementary colours that create a unified colour scheme.

Roof pitch

It is also critical to note how dark and light colours affect the overall design and appearance of a roof. Light roof colours can make your home appear loftier.

Choose light colours if you have a low roof. On the flip side, darker colours may make your high roof seem less overbearing.

Your tastes and preferences

In design concepts, beauty is just as critical as function. Today, roofing materials come in a virtually endless variety of colours. Follow your heart.

Go for sophistication when choosing material colours for roofing in the summertime. Or keep things simple through customisations.

For instance, you can request custom levels of glossiness to improve reflectance and cooling in hot climates while retaining the aesthetics that please you. A custom look never disappoints in beauty and function.

Cooling and energy efficiency

When selecting the appropriate roofing colours, you should also consider performance in energy efficiency and solar energy reflectance. Some roofing colours can effectively reflect away the heat and help to keep your home cooler in the summer specially Melbourne summer. These are lighter roof colours. They save on cooling costs, especially if your home is in the hotter regions of the world.

Darker roof colours maybe for you to consider if you are looking to reduce heating costs. They absorb more solar heat. They work well for homes located in the colder regions of the world. Melbourne is not one of them.

The local climate

As seen above, some roofing colours will be more appropriate in certain climates. Choose a colour that will keep your indoor environment comfortable without blowing your energy budget.

And remember, gentle reader, that roofing colour which is not cut out for UV exposure will eventually corrode and degrade. That can ignite premature ageing, corrosion, and leaks.

Neighbourhood trends

If you don’t want your home to be the odd one out in the neighbourhood, consider the colour schemes of the surrounding homes. Should neighbourhood trends dictate your tastes and preferences? Not necessarily. If the popular roofing colour scheme in the area aligns with your aesthetic taste, go for it. If it doesn’t, don’t be afraid to try something new.


Examine the roofing materials and how the colour changes in the sun and the shade. The colours that you
choose should blend well together in all types of light intensities.

Curb appeal

What would a future home buyer want? When choosing the roof colour for your property, realise that you
might have to sell the home someday. Pay attention to roofing colour trends. Choosing a trendy colour may
make it easier to sell your home for more money when you put it on the market.


Debris, the weather, or roof plumbing issues may cause a mess up there. Your roofing colour should be easier
to clean. Consider ease of stain removal.

Consider colours that don’t make it possible to hide stains and dirt until when you climb up there to do your monthly cleaning.


Speak to a contractor or roof repair expert. Some roofing materials feature a type of paint that may not stand
up to the elements. In the shortest time, your roof will look old, tired, and unpleasing. Roofing experts may
advise you on what to consider when it comes to the quality of the painting.

Acrylic Resin

For example, roofing materials whose paint jobs have been treated with acrylic resin can block ultraviolet
light. If you buy such roofing materials, the roofing colour will stay new for many years.

Just for emphasis, UV light is the arch-enemy of roof durability and beauty in many climates. The daily
exposure to the damaging rays leads to fading, corrosion, peeling, rusting, and water infiltration. Even local
plumbers will tell you that.

Additional layers of protection

Some roofing colours may have extra layers of paint for additional protection. Inquire with the seller to be
able to make the best buying decision. Extra coats of paint will do best to shield your roof from moisture,
mildew, and the damaging UV rays.


With most roofing material companies, colour affects pricing. Your favourite roofing brand may charge a
lower price for what they call ‘standard’ roofing colours and a higher price for ‘premium’ roofing colours.

Before choosing a roofing colour, be sure to speak to a roofing expert. They can help you choose roofing
colours that strengthen the protection of your roof while reducing energy consumption.


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