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Tips on How to Keep Your Roof Clean

Clean and Leak Free Roof

Cleaning your roof is necessary to maintain maximal good appearance. No one really wants to own a house that the neighbours gamble about when they drive by, roof cleaning is thus an important part of home maintenance and an important part in roof maintenance.

In most cases, roofs are probably one of the most neglected parts of our homes, once installed most homeowners tend to forget about them. However, for a long-lasting roof, proper maintenance is necessary. So, if you have noticed some dark blue to green and black patches or algae development on your rooftops maybe it time you considered doing a bit of cleaning.

So, how do I keep my roof clean? We have compiled a list of tips to help you keep your roof clean all year long. Read on to discover more.

Schedule Annual Roof Check-ups

The best way to ensure that your roof is clean and is in good condition is by keeping it checked regularly. Regular inspections once every spring and once in the fall could have positive implications on your roof. In the inspection, you will need to look at the roof surface, its shingles and drainage system to ascertain that they are in good working condition.

Besides that, you also need to check the inside part of the roof, check for any signs of leaks, roof rotting and mould and algae growth. Any problem detected should be addressed by a professional roof plumber, alternatively, you can seek help from your local roof plumbing service provider for emergency repairs and clean up

Damage and Leak Prevention

Mother nature is an unpredictable force that brings with it, unprecedented effects on our roofing systems. As good homeowners, however, it is a good idea that we prepare for roof maintenance in advance like having a roof leak detection and repair check, taking all steps to minimise the impacts of mother nature on our roofing system.

Cleaning and removing any debris build up will not only help you keep your roof clean but also help you detect minor issues that can result in serious roof damages. These issues must be followed by immediate roof repairs to restore its condition.

Prune Tree Branches Extending To Your Rooftops

Overgrown trees branches can be a threat to your roof. Accidental breakages, for instance, can lead to serious damages. Not only that, the branches drop leaves on the roofs which keep the roofs damp after heavy downpours, this, in turn, results in algae and mould growth which are threats to your roofing.

The impacts of keeping overgrown branches on your rooftops are many it is just good practice to keep them short so that they don’t present any risk to your roof.

Clean Your Gutters

Another important aspect of roof cleaning and maintenance is cleaning the gutters. Falling leaves, twigs can quickly clog gutters, clearing this debris and clogs is an important step in keeping your roof clean and well maintained.

Clogged gutters are particularly problematic in heavy rains when excess water trapped therein, breaks the system or leads to leakages that undermine your roof and building foundations.

Inhibit Mould And Algae Growth.

Mould and algae growth are a common phenomenon in humid environments. If not contained they can undermine your roofing system and are known to cause serious health-related problems. The solution for mould/algae and other roof cleaning challenges is hiring roof repair professional services. We provide all roof cleaning solutions trust us with your cleaning, repairs and replacement needs and you will be amazed at what we have to offer.

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